About the Climate Center

A source of information

Heat waves, crop losses, forest declines, severe wildfires, intense downpours have been affecting lives and local economies more and more often in the last decade around the globe. As a consequence, the demand for climate change information to better prepare for climate-driven challenges is growing more urgent. A team of scientists, software engineers, and educators at the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) built the Climate Center with the strong conviction that we can expand our individual and collective ability to develop and implement sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

The Conservation Biology Institute Climate Center constitutes an entryway into spatial information on climate as well as plant and animal responses to climate drivers, historical observations and future projections. Because the Climate Center is built using the Data Basin platform, climate connections can be visualized in a socioeconomic context taking advantage of the large database of existing Data Basin resources.

Free and open access

The Climate Center's underlying Data Basin platform is free and provides open access to thousands of scientifically-grounded, biological, physical, and socio-economic datasets. This user-friendly platform enables people with varying levels of technical expertise to:

  • Explore and organize climate-related data & information (including netcdf files)
  • Create custom visualizations, drawings, & analyses
  • Use collaborative tools in groups to share data and comment on products
  • Publish datasets, maps, & galleries to facilitate discussions and strategy development
  • Discover decision-support and custom tools
A Broad Audience

The Climate Center allows researchers to discuss with colleagues their on-going research, publicize their final results, and interact with members about their needs. It allows resource managers to find relevant information to help develop effective strategies. It provides valuable information for environmental advocates, teachers, students, and members of the engaged public. Data Basin and the Climate Center break down barriers to collaboration and negotiation for users affiliated with universities, non-profits, tribes, companies, and local, state, federal, and national governments.

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Here to help you

The Conservation Biology Institute Climate Center includes experts who are available to answer questions and provide member support. Conservation Biology Institute also offers a range of consulting services for individuals, groups, and organizations who want to take full advantage of Data Basin’s mapping, analytical, and collaboration tools.

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