Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management - Mozambique

Jun 9, 2010 (Last modified Aug 31, 2010)
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Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management - Mozambique
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Responding to Climate Change in Mozambique- Phase II

The objective of the project is to strengthen early warning and creating the capacity to respond to disasters at a different scale; evaluating planned (infrastructural) development plans from a climate change disaster risk perspective; establishing links between science and the private sector to start the implementation of ‘Quick Win’ adaptation measures, with immediate benefits to the population; preparing for larger scale measures which require policy- and standards changes, new technology and high investment levels; and establishing a centre of knowledge on climate change and the human capacity to harness science, inform policy, guide investment and measure impact.

The above objectives and all adaptation efforts will be organized and implemented around eight themes identified as high priority for Mozambique (to be reflected as such in the national strategic framework), which are: Early Warning and Response Plans at a Different Scale; Coastal Protection for 100 Year Return Events; Cities Prepared for Climate Change; Building Resilience in Communities; Preparing People; Water-Doing More with Less; Addressing Food Security and Wild Fires; and Extreme Events Analysis.

Phase II is two-year, multi-ministerial, multi-disciplinary effort, reporting to the Technical and Coordinating Councils for Disaster Management (CTGC and CCGC). 

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